The premium-grade Discord bot


We pride ourselves in the amount of things you can tweak to your liking. Geola's rich dashboard is neatly organized and searchable with quick run-downs of each setting.


From remembering members' roles and nicknames, in case they leave and join back later, to automatically protecting your server from known raiders, practicality is heavily bundled together into a single, yet powerful bot.


We strive to make sure that Geola is always patched up and responds to you how you'd expect her to. We take all feedback, bug reports, and suggestions given to us with gratitude.

Blazing Fast

With hosting powered by DigitalOcean, Geola is able to maintain uptime 24/7, and be super quick to respond to commands.

Fresh AF

Geola is worked on and improved by the day. Frequent new feature updates keep the bot feeling fresh AF, and we don't plan on stopping.

Community Centric

We host polls and post updates about development to make sure you guys, our community, know what's up, and so we can hear your thoughts. All ideas, minor or game-changing, are taken into consideration, to build Geola in the ideal way.